Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A father's chronicle (Love is beyond mathematics)

Now that Gracia have arrived, we are especially conscious about how we "transmit our ideology about love" to Theophilus. Somehow through a TV commerical, he gotten the idea that if you love someone, you would have less love for someone else.

I like how Piero puts it in his book (What Our Children Teach Us):

I am convinced that we unconsciously transmit our ideology about love. We regard love as if it were a cake: You cannot have the whole, but must divide it, and as it is in scarce supply, you have to compete for it in order to obtain some of what you want. Thus rivalry and conflict is born.... Even though I shall have to divide my time between the two, I shall not have to divide my love, which is beyond mathematics, and cannot be sectioned.

No, no, no... I can still love both of them... and yes, my time is not just halved, but much much reduced. Yet, this is no scarifice at all.... like how Piero puts it (again):

Sometimes all it takes is a laugh from Emilio or Jonathan, a word, a gesture, seeing them alseep, or half an hour's play together, for me to think, Now I have reached a state of happiness so complete that I could die at this moment.

So true, so similiar to my personal experiences as a Dad....