Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A father's chronicle (A good 5 year)

We have celebrated his birthday last week. He is five. Five good years. If what studies say concerning the importance of the first five years of a child's life is important, then I think these five years is really well invested. There are signs of what we have trained him showing fruits - he is self-motivated to practise his piano everyday (without us pushing him at all. Amazing... but then piano is so much much much much more easier compared to his maths lessons... - from the horse's mouth)

It was a good time of celebration and was a simple one. The arrangement is requested by him. He did not want any fanfare. He just wanted to have all of us together. Goto the beach, eat sandwiches, enjoy some moments together... go home, and eat a cake. So simple. Previously, it was more elaborate. The celebration in school is as usual - cut a big cake, give out goodie bags... he was so happy on the day of celebration in school.

I've enjoyed him for five years. Every part of it. From diapers changing, to running at the playground, to reading, to drawing, to swimming, playing Lego together... catching fish, running after birds, pretending to be pirates or dinosaurs. Life have been enriched with his coming.

I am looking forward to the next five years. The toys that we play will be different. They topics that we dicuss will be different.... he will be fast approaching adolescence and will have different struggles. But I hope to be the person he can talk to and confide in even as he have more friends around him.... even as I grow older and perhaps... can't run as fast as I could a few years back.

Oh, guess what was the best gift (from his perspective, of course) for this year? Yes, he received more than 1 birthday gift from Daddy and Mommy every year...

The best birthday gift for this year is: A book! Here is the book.

He has been reading it and enjoying every story....