Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A father's chronicles (He is doing it again)

Last year, I wrote on his first taste of success. I am glad to tell you.... he is getting his GOLD award (Maths) again this year

We have received a letter from Kumons yesterday that he has been invited to Kumon Singapore Advanced Student Honour Roll Ceremony 2007.

We spoke briefly on this over breakfast this morning. He is excited.

They will be clapping again for ME!

Well done! Another year of hard work. Much tougher now.... I am not doing it as fast as he is doing his work. Especially when he does his 2 digits multiplied by 2 digits or 3 digits.... together with division.

Well done, my boy. Well done.

I am sitting and wondering who you are

If you take a look to the right of this post, you will find a ClustrMap. It has red dots on the world map. I have just clicked on it to find out where are the readers of my blog...

There is this particular red dot that caught my eyes... it is in the middle of the North Pacific Ocean. Probably someone in Hawaii is reading my post... and perhaps, someone at Finland too.

To those out there so far away.... Hi! I hope you do enjoy my post.

It is a strange thing about blogging. Your readers can be very silent. They enjoy (or might not enjoy the read) and move away....

But right now... I am wondering who you are .... out there....

A christian father's chronicle (In the heart - Part 2)

Zoe encouraged me to share on my blog something I have spoken to her sometime back. It is another one of those conversation with Theophilus.

So, I was packing my bookshelf and stumbled upon an old X-ray flim. You know? Those black and white thing which doctors take to look into our beings? Ah... I thought it might be a good lesson material. I brought it to the dinning table where Theophilus was working on something....

Dad: Theophilus, see what I've got here?
Theophilus: (Huh?)
Dad: It's an X-ray of Daddy's chest. I took it when I went for my medical check-up sometime back.

(Dad is getting into his "bad habit of teaching" again.... sticks out his index finger...)

Dad: Now, this is the collar bone. Here are the ribs... that's the lungs, you have the stomach here... and here is the heart...
Theophilus: Where Jesus?
Dad: (Huh?)
Theophilus: I don't see Jesus in your heart! You told me he is there.
Dad: (Oops! Think faster....)
Dad: Hmmmm... good question. Let me see.... I think it has something to do with the X-ray machine. I believe they have a limitation or it is probably spoilt. But you are right.

(Dad takes the film away)

Dad: Theophilus?
Theophilus: Ya?
Dad: X-Ray machines are not that advance yet.

Perhaps, science is still trying to catch up? Anyway, it is not taking a snapshot of my spirit either, right?

Actually, all these little conversation reminds me of the purity of speech of a child. They are pure in heart. They take words as it is. A 'Yes' is a 'Yes'. A 'No' is a 'No'.... anything beyond comes from the evil one... of course, we learn about such thing as figurative speech, but well... that is some time later in life...

I still have much to learn from them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A christian father's chronicle (The real thing)

Zoe just sent me some quotes from her "good & long time friend" - Royston. I read it. Fabulous. At risk of infringing on copyright, let me attribute all creation of this article to Royston and Kaitlyn. So no stealing here, OK?

But read this. I like reading this... it is like being "invisible" and hearing the bedside conversations of dad and child (I have many with Theophilus)....

Extracted from Royston's post

I have been putting Kaitlyn to bed lately, and we have the most interesting chats:

R: "Why are you afraid of the dark?"
K: "I don't like the dark"
R: "Which part of the dark are you afraid off?"
K: "The clowns will come and get me"


K: "Daddy can you lie here a bit longer?"
R desperate to get back to work...
R: "Whenever you are scared, you can pray "Dear Jesus""
K: "Dear Jesus" and she continued herself "make me brave and that your angels watch over me, Amen!"
R: "Amen! Good...close your eyes now..."
K: "Where is Jesus daddy? Is Jared gor gor with him in Heaven?"
R: "yes he is...and He is also in your heart right where you are now..."
K: "In my heart? So he must be quite bloody since I have blood in my heart..."

---dead silence---

It is so wonderful to be a father! Can learn so many things from them.