Saturday, November 10, 2007

A father's chronicle (Following up)

Well, whinning is not a good behavior for children - neither it is for adults.

We wrote to William on a separate email to express our disappointment and provide our feedback. And guess what? He wrote back! To be honest, I was suprised.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ho,

I am grateful that you write to me and share your thoughts about the ASHR Ceremony.

I felt terrible after the ASHR ceremony last Saturday because I made similar observations like you. The increase in ASHR students was a great motivation to us, and the sharing by the child Soo Yen and her parents were an inspiration, but at the end of the day, I did not feel good like the previous year. Reading your email and blog, it becomes clear where have gone wrong. You are excellent parents who know the importance of genuine motivation for the child's efforts, but we have failed on our part to do what is most fundamental: motivation of children one by one. I am most sorry to bring disappointment to your child and family. Learning from this lesson, every single child shall be the focus and theme for 2008.

For the trophy, I agree that the name is important. I am sure your boy, Theopilus's trophy with his name engraved is being prepared. I am discussing with Mr. Yang to see how I can present to him in the soonest possible time. I understand that Mr. Yang is preparing his center ASHR at the Head Office in December. This time, for Theopilus and the other children, we must do it right.

Best regards

William Tan
General Manager
Kumon Asia and Oceania

Wonderful!!! We are seeing the same picture. And I am so happy to work alongside with William and his staffs to improve on the situation. I am hopeful that we can bring a better experience when the opportunity arrives again....