Saturday, December 01, 2007

A christian father's chronicle (Adam, Darwin and me)

We have not been going to the beach for some time now.... and I want to get some time relaxing... so we went to the beach at Sentosa.

Here you have my two kids.... Theophilus with his new found treasure - a coconut!

I found a crab (dead), and a clam ... mostly dead, I think.

I have quite a bit of time with Theophilus and I always enjoy the time talking to him. He swam by the edge of the waters, with me walking besides and we talked. Just father and son.

Son: Daddy, you know last time the world was just one island....
Dad (thinking to himself): Wow, he knows contential drift at 6 years old? I only knew it at twice his age...
Dad: Really?
Son: Ya, and it broke up. Really!
Dad: Where did you learn that from?
Son: From a book... and it says we come from monkeys (actually, should be apes, but he says monkey, never mind)
Dad: Really? And you believe in that?
Son: The book says so....
Dad: You think that's true?
Son is slient.
Dad: What did the bible say? ..... Didn't the Bible says that God created Adam and Eve?
Son: Yup.
Dad: Did the Bible says that God created the monkeys and they became Adam and Eve?
Son: (broke out laughing) From monkeys? Ha ha ha ha
Dad: Well, God created the animals and that before He created man. So, the book was in some sense right. So, God must have created the Dinosaurs too before he created man. But Man from monkeys? Well, that's a wrong deduction.
Dad: You see, it is scientific. But it is a wrong deduction in this instance. We didn't come from monkeys or apes. The bible is clear about this. God created us. We are special. So no monkey business here, OK?

Son was contented with the answer and that settles it while he swam back to mom and Gracia. We were created. The animals were created before us (so the chart was right up to a point).

So, Darwin.... you have a missing link - God.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I actually clapped when I watched this (almost stand up and clapped when I watched this). The link was, of course, pointed out by Zoe (a mother). I viewed it with Yan. This is gonna to be watched by me more than 10 times.

To all moms out there - this is really to honour you! You must be the super creatures here on earth!.... and Yes, any character flaw in our children must be due to their "father's DNA". Ha ha ha ha ...