Friday, September 02, 2011

A father's chronicle (Success)

I am doing a sharing tonight with some members of my extended family. We are looking into Proverbs 3. In the course of my preparation, I stumbled upon the question:

What is ‘success’ to you? How do you qualify a ‘successful life’?

So, I took some time to mull over this topic which I have tried to wrestle for quite a few times. None of those times, I recorded or put in writing my thoughts. I thought (after such a long recess from this blog) it is good to update you on what happened in my journey as a dad.

The first thing that I wanted to find out is what are the general areas which people are looking at when they do such an assessment. I chanced upon this poll. And in other forums, the area of family (including having a child) are also part of being part of attainment of success in life.

Ironically, getting a job one desire is only 21%. One would have expected higher rating since we spend most of our time in this area (clocking a minimum of a third of the day? and for some even more? Perhaps, if it is compounded with wealth and prestige is more like the rating that I was anticipating.)

Anyway, I am successful. In many ways and not just one dimension. Let me share with you how I came to this thankful realization.

I am doing some part-time studies now, and on Monday night, Yan brought the kids to my school to fetch me home. They waited for a couple of minutes. Gracia was the first to notice that I am walking down the flight of stairs. She anticipated my coming but sat at the cafe. When I finally appeared about 50 m from where they are waiting, both of my kids burst into a sprint!


With arms flung wide apart, and hair flown backwards due to the quick dash towards me, Gracia and Theophilus were the first to greet me after a long lecture. They gave me a big hug. They missed me. Yan followed closely and planted a peck on my cheek. We were not ashame to express our affections for each other in public. I planted a kiss on everyone of them and hoisted Gracia into my arms and carry her to the car.

This is not a drama. This is real life. It happens often in my life. Not something for me to take for granted. It is a precious thing. It is filed under 'Good memories' and 'Happy moments'.

So, yes, I agree with the poll 'Happiness' is an important ingredient to 'Success' (not just wealth and prestige). But what is 'Happiness'? Is being 'happy' equivalent to 'happiness'? This I have tried to wrestle for a while, and my current stand is that they are not immediately equivalent. While not trying to be vague, I am very thankful for the many blessings in my life - the people that God has planted to help me to grow.

I am successful (whether I do well at job or in my studies) and I am grateful to God for blessing me a little each day at a time.