Monday, March 27, 2006

A father's chronicle (A bagful of love notes)

This is not my first trip out of town for a project. In fact, being in Sun for coming to 6 years... I've lost count on the flights... but only a handful were memorable. Today, my flight out is memorable. It has been quite a while that I've flown out without my family coming along. I am used to them around. I am "addicted" to their company. In fact, I find it hard to concentrate without them around me. So, when it is made known to them that I will be away for a couple of days.... there were alot of mental preparation.... Daddy is not going to be at home....

Theophilus wrote me notes. Love notes. He drew drawings for me. He comforted me:

Son: Daddy, if your customer makes you sad.... just open this drawing and remember me... and cheer up, OK?

Yes, being in the service arm of Sun does have it's "job-hazardous" days, and Theophilus is aware that I am trying to keep up my spirit.

At the airport, I could notice that he was not looking into my eyes when we parted. I believe he could not understand his emotions. He missed me so much.... and when asked by Yan at the escalator... the dam broke. He broke into tears. Big drops of it. He missed Daddy.

I have just touched down and washed up. Yan told me that he cried to sleep (what a lousy way to fall asleep)... He wrote on his diary today. It is a sad note.

He wrote 'i cried' on one whole page n it really looked like the words cried

It is never easy leaving my family behind and getting my job done. Sometimes, even customers don't appreciate that too (and take that for granted).

Don't cry, my boy. Before you know it, I will be beside you again. Sleep well, tomorrow you will be stronger to face another day. Sleep tight.