Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Read through the New Testament (2013). Weekdays only!

We are starting onto the New Testament again. This will be our second attempt as a family to read through the New Testament. It has changed our lives. And as a dad, I think this is really something I want to thank God for helping me to put in place as a tradition.

Every year, daddy will plan for next year's bible reading, print out the plan and set everybody up for reading. So, here is next years NT reading plan. Again, reading only for weekdays and exclude weekends. You can use the weekends to catch up if missed out some days in the week.

The plan can be download from here.

We did it! Almost...

Remember last year we set ourselves a target to read through the Old Testament? I am please to let you know that we did it... well... almost everybody except for Gracia - she is 7 years old so need to cut her some slag. But she is not far from finishing - she is merely 4 OT books left to go (she is at Zephaniah). She will probably be able to complete it within the week. She was visibly upset this evening, but she will make it up soon...