Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A father's chronicles (At the breakfast table)

Reading is to me "more important" than speaking. Not that speaking is not important... that's how I am wired.

Gracia is a different "animal". When she first started to speak, I often find it amusing. It is like this little body can walk, can talk and now... she can joke and sing about it too.....

Yan: Gor Gor (brother) is going to get one marble for . Mei mei (sister) broke .... we will take all her 10 marbles to buy another one. So Mei Mei have no money left to use while Gor Gor have 20 dollars when we next travel. Is that OK, Gracia?

Gracia: (silent. look dispondent... and then suddenly....) Dollar, dollar where is my dollar? (she broke out in a tune)