Sunday, July 25, 2010

A father's chronicle (Hair for Hope)

I wanted to do something different this year. One of my wish list came true today. I went for the Hair for Hope event and supported Children's Cancer Foundation.

As I was not able to register online, I was one of the walk-in shavees. I arrived before 10 am, just in case I missed the chance to do this meaning activity.

(Extracted from a form of HFH 2010)

The shaving of heads represents each child's ordeal and fight against cancer, as treatment of cancer, including chemotheraphy, can cause hair loss. Through this symbolic gesture, CCF aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. Create awareness of childhood cancer in Singapore
2. Demostrate to children with cancer and their families that they are not alone in their fight against cancer
3. Boost the self-esteem of children with hair lose by sending the message that there is nothing wrong with losing their hair or being bald
4. Raise funds to help children with cancer and their families
5. Build a community of support for children with cancer and their families

Here are some shots that I took.

That's me.... before...

That's me... after...

I was walking with Theophilus... and here is a snaplet of our conversation.

Theophilus: Dad, I will do what you did when I grow up.
Dad: Why only when you grow up? You are afraid of being tease at in school?
Theophilus: Yup, I think so.
Dad: It's OK. When you grow up, you can make your own decision and you can do the same when you really want to do it, OK?

I know he has been thinking a lot of what I have done today.