Thursday, October 20, 2005

A father's chronicle (Incy Wincy VS Archibot)

I don't know when they started to make themselves at home. But when I was working at my desk... I noticed one of them walking (or do we say "crawling") across my desk non-chalantly. Yes, it is a spider. I took a container and caught it as part of a "science" lesson for Theophilus. We named it - Incy Wincy. Much to his delight and laughter.

Later in the night, I notice another one while I was reading the papers! Oh no... SpiderMan must have somehow passed by our place without my noticing. Rushed to get the same container (heh, I am not being cruel to them, OK? the container if scaled to size... could well be the size of a large bungalow in our human context).... put the new "captive" into the same "home". We named the second occupant - Archibot.

It is just going to be till the weekend.... we will release it.

Well, guess what? My words cannot be fufilled. Incy Wincy ate up Archibot. Extended (unintended) science lesson - food chain.

Really! I couldn't find it any more. It is impossible for Archibot to leave his "bungalow" without writing us a note or something... that's unbecoming of a spider.

I didn't notice Incy Wincy grow any bigger.... just gave me that innocent look. .... and seem to say

"Heh, don't look at me. I don't eat spiders. It is like a professional courtesy?"


Incy Wincy: Survived.

Archibot: Lost-in-Action.

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