Friday, December 02, 2005

A father's chronicle (My son's first swimming lesson)

OK, his first lesson was on Wednesday not today. I am late again in my blogging effort. Terrible at ensuring the events synchronized.

I really like the idea of sending him for swimming lesons... even though I am a swimmer, wife is a swimmer... our parents are swimmers... but well... it is the holidays and not letting him expand some of his energy is as dangerous as trying to cool down a nuclear reactor in 2 seconds flat.

Yet, I must admit that I really enjoyed it. Seeing him learn how to kick his legs, and do it with the rest of his classmates (or should we use the word 'poolmates'?), really is fun to watch. He have had so much fun! The learning process starts again for him. He is tired after the swim and famished too (great!) It is also nice to make a few new friends too. I am pleasantly suprise to find that they were very good kids. Kids with pretty good up-bringing.... with a little child-playfulness attached.

One little girl, Olivia, even say 'Thank you' when I encouraged her that she is doing a great job. Admittedly, most kids don't know how to take encouragement and praises (maybe adults too?).

There are so many "First time".... the first time Theophilus completes his maths worksheet on his own, the first time he ate all by himself, the first time he bathe himself (without the help of Daddy / Mummy).... the first time he caught the tail of a chameleon....

His first swimming lesson.... was great!

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