Saturday, March 11, 2006

A father's chronicle (Art and play)

I can see many a times how is drawings are reflecting what is in his world. Take for instance this piece of card which he drew quickly and gave to me as a suprise (put on my laptop).

Compare it with his Knights Kingdom set.... can you see the similiarity?

So, they borrow ideas from their experiences and weave in-and-out of their world of imagination...

This water-color drawing is about an attack in the high-seas on a pirate ship (No, he didn't paint it... he drew it, Yan helped him to paint most of it... he choose the colors). It is one of his "master pieces" after so many months. Some of his drawings are getting a bit complex.... the more complicated it is... the longer time he spent on it... and a fair chance he might be very tired after the whole process.

One way to relax is to play with his sister.

Now, come here...

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