Friday, November 10, 2006

"Latest US TV Series that I enjoyed"

James, wrote his list of favourites on 27 October. I thought ... heh, why not? I will share mine too! Futhermore, I am spoilt for choice - I am in US right now... and my... there are so many channels... I almost got finger cramps due to switch from channel to channel!

Anyhow, my latest craze is my son's cartoon series - Avatar - The Last Airbender. Some of the quotes are here. No doubt... this is NOT the best cartoon for the typical Christian family, I must admit... so, this is NOT a recommendation. It is just a cartoon I enjoyed. I enjoyed the speech, the fights, the clowny faces... it is ... well.... cartoon. You might want to be aware of the cultural and religious influences (read here).

It is unfortunate that my Singapore's cable subscription through StarHub is ALWAYS repeating the backdated series. They are not even showing the latest series (which I cannot purchase on DVD) which is shown here in Nickelodeon here in US. So, why is my Singapore subscription of StarHub and viewing of Nickelodeon different from my US view of Nickelodeon? Sigh, I am on the verge of unsubscribing my cable TV at home. I am watching old stuff and paying good money.

BTW, this is the only "US TV Series" that I am following (only 30 minutes in front of the TV).

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