Monday, April 02, 2007

A father's chronicle (Grade 1)

Yes, finally after spoken to his piano teacher, Theophilus is on his way to prepare for his Grade 1 piano exams next Feb. His sight reading have improved these few weeks due to his self-motivated learning - he gets onto the piano and practice everyday on his own. No doubt, there are frustration to getting the timing right, and the dynamics... but it is easier than doing Maths.

I am so happy and look forward to his exams next year. His first music exams. Cool.

Forget about other kids being younger than him and taking Grade 1 too. I think he is doing fine and enjoying himself.

Now, when will he complete his Grade 4? I think that is the minimal to at least play a reasonable piece of music... never mind... I am just being impatient again.

Oh, his birthday is coming soon. We are cracking our heads on how to celebrate. Yesterday, we finally decided it might be best to scrap the birthday party (our guest do not tend to buy gifts which are either suitable for him or his liking). Instead, we will just have a mini-birthday celebration in his school with his classmates, and then go for a buffet together. The amount of money to spend in a private party might be better spent on getting him gifts which he likes. We will get him a bicycle (his present one broke down finally), and two "mystery" gift of his choice [subjected to our approval, of course].

Anyway, this will be his last year to celebrate his birthday in school with his classmates. When he goes to Primary 1 next year, the school will not allow such celebration.

Ah, taking about Primary 1... getting into the school of our choice is really a hard time in Singapore. Parents work hard - literally - to get their kids to the choice which they want. It is unbelievable. We sell our houses to move to another location. We do voluntary work - and with obnoxious principle giving non-committal statements like - "We, however, cannot guarantee your child a place in our school even though you have volunteered 80 hours of work to us..." It is almost reducing to begging to get your child in a school that you like.

To be honest, I don't really want Theophilus to be in some elite school. It is ridiculous as to how school "groom" them these days. Their products are visible, and at times - audible. Pride (not a quiet self-confidence) grows like weeds in their lives. They brag (was it not written he who puts on his armour should not boast as one who is taking it off?)

What I want him to have is a good education. An environment of good friends - honest, hardworking, and helpful friends. Being the cream of the crop is not one of item on my list. The sad fact is that there are many parents who hold this view too, and are also choosing the school which have fairly good environment (minus the academically good results too).

This coming July, we will have to hold our seats. We have prayed that he enters into the school of our choice... and if he does.... well... only God knows what plans he has for him. He is afterall - Theophilus :)

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