Monday, July 23, 2007

A christian father's chronicle (Thanksgiving)

After more than 2 years of praying, and countless time of putting our hopes in God.... yes, Theophilus (and Gracia in time to come) will be attending Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary school!

There were 79 vacancies when we applied and 80 students registered. Usually this will result to balloting, but we were informed by the school today there will not be any balloting!

My son have been accepted to go to his long awaited and prayed for Primary school!!! I am so happy for him. A school that he finally looked forward to. A school that he always wished to be there. To listen to the endless number of bible stories. To be found within people who teach Godly principles. Yan and myself is delighted to receive this news.

We went out for a thanksgiving dinner. It rained, but that did not dampen our thanksgiving.

This is Theophilus' longest prayer request, the second closest one is his prayer for a sibling - which God answered with the arrival of Gracia.

Theophilus have been praying for entrance into the Primary school on bended knees and for 2 years. I am so happy for him. It will be a stepping stone for his faith.

I could recall on Sunday, his Sunday school class theme verse was: "Anything is possible for those who have faith in God." It was a comforting verse in midst of a rising storm within our hearts.

Thank God for this answered prayer.

To all Christian parents: May you be encouraged that there is a boy who prayed (and a family who prayed along) and did make it to the school of their choice. At the end of the journey - God determines how our lives work out. Only he holds the final key. Not the principal. Not your volunteering work (even if you have done 80 hours, the final nod comes from God). The battle is from above and deep within.

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