Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A father's chronicle (He came running to me)

It is another long day at work. Tons of thinking, lots of talking and cheering the team on. So it is quite natural for me to feel the drain of the day. However, this drain is usually overcome with excitement as I walk out of the lift and approach the door of my home - I will be rewarded with the presence of my family.

Remove the lock. Release the catch. Turned the keys....

Theophilus: Daddy!!!!

The first lovely words fills my ears, and with that come visual effects - Theophilus came running with open arms.

He is holding on to a trophy. Hmmmm.... it looks like the one he received on his prize presentation ceremony earlier, but no..... his eyes are sparkling. With his fingers pointing and words overflowing....

Theophilus: Daddy, you see? It has my name on it!

YES!!!! It has. It has his name. It has his level. It has the year (2007). It has the word "Gold". It even have the Kumon's thinking face. It is his. It belongs to him. Not a cookie. A real one. An award. His. His. His.

I dropped my laptop and carry him up. Gracia came running behind. Two in arms. Tiredness forgotten. A short celebration - in case you are wondering, Yan is cooking in the kitchen.

He could not stop telling me of the wonderful experience he received in the training centre today. They call out to him. They presented him the "new trophy". They clapped and cheered him on. It is as much as an experience as he have had in last year's ASHR ceremony (minus the dim lightings, but heh, those are not important).

He felt good. I asked him, of course, why he felt good. He couldn't say - just that it is a good feeling and uplifting. Well, I know it. I felt it before. It is recognition of your hard work. A taste of success. An affirmation that you are heading the right way (heh, nobody likes to bang heads on a piece of work every day and do not get the hope that he is heading somewhere and the "right" way).

He ate his dinner. He is tired, but it cannot bring down his joy. I can see it on his face. I could see his delight. I could see a shade of shyness to it. He is not apt to lying and he cannot say "it is nothing" when it is "something" to him.

I would really want to thank the staffs of Kumon on this special experience he has today. It meant something to him. And it does to me if it does to him. I don't need the clapping. I have my share of it already. His journey will be a long one, and I hope this is one of those that enhance his self-image. Enhance his confidence and reliance that success do come from God.

I wished I were there to drink up the entire session. Every movement. Every sound. Every lighting. But alas, it is good enough. Good enough for me, and really appreciative and thankful for all that worked out.

Well done, my boy! Well done.

Those were my last words to him as I set him to bed....

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