Saturday, February 02, 2008

Something interesting I learnt about Singapore

Hmmm.... I am a Singaporean. Born here. Educated here. Working here. Have kids here. Still here.... but little did I know about something interesting that happened in the past.

OK, I was watching a movie and it mentioned something about raining of fish. That is, fish literally raining from the sky. Not just one. Not just a couple of them, I guess.

Did a little check, and it seems that fish raining happened in Singapore before! It happened in 22 February 1861 (close to 147 years ago). It seems to be mentioned in American Meteorological Society (AMS) Journal in 1917 in the article "Showers of organic matter", check out page 7, paragraph 2.

Hee hee hee hee.... they should rain some fish this week. It is coming to the Lunar New Year, and that will be a good sign for everybody - but not too good to the fish sellers, the prices of fish have just gone up due to the festive season.

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