Monday, September 07, 2009

Let me go home

It has been a very busy period of six months. If you notice, I left off my blogs since middle of January. That was the time my team back in office starts to restructure and I am still at the tail end of this restructuring. It has taken a lot of my energy and time - not to forget adding on more thinking and worries.

I hope to get back to my blogs. And perhaps, back date some of my post. Along the way, many things happened. I made friendship. We celebrated National Day as a family. I bought a camera - something that I wanted for a long time.

I am back after a long trip out to Oakland, California. My wish is to come home. To be home.

Home to those who I love. Friends, family members. I miss them all. Not to mention the food in Singapore!

Ah, I have signed up for the year's end marathon. Looking forward to it and trying to squeeze in time in between my current schedule for the training of this event.

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Kevin Lin said...

Marathon is no joking Paul. One of my colleages who's younger and just finish his NS, he finished e night marathon and end up going to hospital to check his knee. So train hard and get prepared.
It's good to have aim other than work n family.