Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A father's chronicle (Achievements in doing simple things)

So often, we take simple tasks for granted. Even the wearing of a T-shirt or a pair of shorts. For children, this can be quite a task for them. You need to balance on one foot, make sure that the shorts is facing in the right direction. Place the right foot into the right hole, and make sure the other foot does not go to the same one... ghosh! All this is liken to be a great acrobatic act.

So, yestarday when I offered to wear his clothes, he refused and said...

Son: No, no, no... I can do it. Let me show you...

And he did it. To me that's a milestone. An achievement. A little victory. A score on the chart of independence. I think I only exhibited this behaviour when I am 3 years older than him (Shhhh.... don't tell him yet.)

One of the joy that I get as a parent is to see these little achievement every day. From the first foot step to wearing of clothes, writing of words, writing of name.... all these are very precious memories.

Well done, boy. Well done.

Maybe these little hands will get to button my shirt when I grow too old to do so someday...

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