Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A father's chronicle (Thots on playing)

Human beings toil and struggle. Play is a privilege of the gods, but of children, too. Playing with my children, I have found this thrill that frees the mind of heaviness and worry....Yes, playfulness is a state of grace, and it is not always available, or perhaps it is always available to children, just not for adults..... Jokes are part of playing as well. They have a degree of mischievousness, which, when it is not offensive, is a great way to transform our aggression.

Chapter 6, Play, What Our Children Teach Us by Piero Ferrucci

Playing with my children brings similiar reflections too. In fact, many a times, I have to free myself of how I plan to play with them or even to set out the rules rigidly. This is especially true for Theophilus, in the battle of the Knights (which we have many episodes), rules are set by... ahem... him. His knights can do wonderful feats. The good will live, the bad must die... and Daddy ALWAYS must play the side of the bad (i.e. I must use the shadow knights). Yet, he has pity on me once in a while... the dark side do win in every 10 battles... there are so many things that happen in battle of knights. So many names that he can come up with. It is so wonderful. 'Arrows' are transformed into 'Shooting Fires'. A few pieces of 5x8 plates are transformed into an island called 'The Rock' which have a castle that housed evil knights with names so long... only he can get them right, and beware of the dragons and brimstones!

In those moments of battle, my daily battles are watered down. My creativity is refreshed.

Playing is a form of affection. A sign to them that we love them and we want to be involved in their lives. I am not a superman yet, and being in the electronic wired world does create some struggles.... the battle between emails and 'come Daddy, please play with me'.

Play is a privilege of the gods, but of children, too

Yes, I think so.

Gracia is showing signs of interest in simple playing now.... things are getting more exciting. We have a good laugh at how a soft pillow can fall on her... with so many giggles from her as a reward of my effort. It will be another 9 months before she can really converse with us, and I am really looking forward to that moment.

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