Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A father's chronicle (The power of a little success)

Yup, he has began to spell. So, guess how he is exhibiting that confidence? He is labelling every room and every corner. There is music place, darwing (oops! should be 'drawing') corner, washing place, watching (TV) room, play corner, kitchen.... Theophilus was like a little busy bee, writing on small pieces of paper and sticking them everywhere (actually, I think he gets the good feeling of spelling and writing and labelling all those familiar places in our home).

I find the empowerment of language a very fancinating thing. I could still recall the first word he spoke "blue", then it was an explosion of words, then reading (which was quite difficult to learn especially those five to six syllabus words), and then writing simple words... now he is writing and spelling those words that he is so familiar with in his conversation. I don't have any theory to offer. I couldn't even recall how he picked up those words like "concussion". Perhaps it is through our conversation.

But I notice how that little success with simple words that lead him on to learning more and more...

In about 2 weeks more he will be taking his maths test again ... hopefully he can get pass it and move on to other topics... he is eyeing on a big train set... at the rate he is getting his stickers... I think I better safe up faster (to make it more difficult to get the "prize", he have to earn 30 stickers to get the big train set... that will give me some buffer).

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