Monday, February 20, 2006

A father's chronicle (Reading and analyzing)

It always brings me a smile whenever I see him reading away (and tonight, he read to his sister who is ... er... slightly over 4.5 months old).

We brought him to the mega-mart and when he reached his favourite corner (the books), he comfortably picked up a book, sat on the floor and read away. It is a typical scene.

Besides the benefit that he gets including: entertainment, relaxation, improved in knowledge... perhaps, one of the greater goal that I've for him is to analyze. No, no, not exactly from a engineering point of view.... perhaps from what some people call "critical reading". It is a sad that that many people read, but never understand. Or even be critical about what they read. It is like (well, the passage says so, so it must be true). It is a dangerous way of reading - to accept everything that enters your eyes and goes consumed into your soul without going through an exhaustive filter (aka brains). And that includes what you have just read!

Reading is a stange thing. The author conducts a sort-of monologue with you. In that short span of time, you need to "wrestle" with him/her ... but in an unfair way. You don't really get an immediate response to your objections. Well, in this blog, you can send in a comment. But in a book, say, you might not be able to do so (especially when the author has moved onto the next world).

But, alas, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Theophilus' journey in understanding this world has began. "Wow, you see the world is so beautiful!" (he spoke these words while we were at the reservoir). One day, perhaps, one day... he might read Law (as one stranger in a cafe pointed out when he was two years old), but for now... it is good enough to read his books and enjoy them.

Yes, my boy, the world is so beautiful... especially with you around.

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