Friday, May 12, 2006

A father's chronicle (After over 2 years of hard work)

He has been working on it for over two years. I cannot say it was easy for him (there were times of disappointment, frustration and tears). The fact is that he is working on his weakest topic, so I must admit that this is quite an achievement for him - yes! he is on the Advance Student Club now. He is still struglling to keep up with it. Working hard to improve... it can be very tough when he moves on to a new higher level every time and it takes alot of time before he could master the topic.

Here is his picture on the notice board (since last week):

A closer shot:

He is the youngest in his grade to have achieved this far. Still a long way to go, but for now....

It is good enough, my boy. Good enough. Just continue to work on it...

The good part is that the discipline which he has harness during this learning experience, he is putting it into his piano lessons now. To him, practising his pieces is plain simple and fun.... what could be worst than doing his maths (under timing)? He is asking for more music lessons... it is so fun for him.

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