Sunday, June 11, 2006

A father's chronicle (A visit to the clinic)

Well, wel, well.... it has been so long since I've last blogged isn't it?

Many things have happened in between. Kids gotten ill, I fell ill ... the bug circulates and passed around like a parcel. In fact, Gracia was one of the worst hit in the episode. She was down with bronchitis. Poor girl. Got to get her to the clinic, (btw, all these are aftermath now).... and as you can envision it - the clinic is FULL.

I mean, what a better season to fall ill? The school holidays, I am busy with project work... AND to top it? The clinic is filled with kids who are down with some flu bug or something. OK, the first victim in our family was Theophilus. I believe he might have caught the virus from his school (in fact, we were dead worried after we found out that there were cases of HFM in his school). To his delight, he was relieved from his last 2 weeks of school just before the holiday begins. Or rather the OFFICIAL holiday.

What blessings in disguised for him? What a nightmare to us!

Anyway, back to the girl - she was quite a poor thing. Quite restless and couldn't rest well at all. We even have to bring home the nabulizer. Well, it was only after the nabulizer treatment that things gotten better.

When we were back to the clinic for a review, it was ANOTHER long waiting session (3 hours I believe or ... to put it another way - my Saturday was maytred at the doors of the clinic). Yet, there were moments I could not help but play with some tune and words in my head. For example:

Doctor, doctor, quick quick quick,

My daughter, my daugther, she is sick

Nurses, nurses bill me quick

My daughter is restless and became a wiggly twig

Ah, a great amount of my life is spent waiting, queueing, .... such is the true of life. What do people do when they wait? It is a period of great agony to me. Well, I guess that is also part of my job description for being a daddy - Must be capable to transcient across the (waiting) time.

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