Monday, June 26, 2006

A father's chronicle (Crossed the line)

I must brag (so which parent is not doing that?)

After 10 days of working on his maths (with 2 sets of 250 sums to complete each day).... He made it! (He should get past Level C by the end of this year... without much pain) One of his senior teacher was filled with praise for him (for his tender age, speed and concentration level). In fact, I've to concentrate hard to mark his assessments lately. He is given 28 mins to complete his present set of worksheets. He is meeting the timing... and I think it is tough. 28 mins of full concentration. It is a lot of mastery for his age.

A closer shot now....

Now that the holidays are over.... he is slowing things down.

I am so proud of him. It is an achievement. And guess what we gotten as a "reward" for him?

Yes, it is Lego Knights' Kingdom. The last set... it is 8877! The cashiers raised their eye-brows when I paid for it (I could almost hear ... "You mean, this guy is buying this big set of expensive toy? He must be crazy").

He does not desire to have anymore sets. He said he has enough.

Yan spent the night building it for him... while he slept.... poor girl.

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