Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A father's chronicle (First kilometer)

I have always wanted to run with Theophilus. Not the 100m dash, but to go a run within the reserves, on an off-track trail. When he was still less than 1 year old, I used to carry him behind me and go for my 6 km runs... now, he is over 20 kg, and proved to be quite heavy for such an undulating terrain.

When he requested to run together with me 2 weeks back, I thought he was merely joking about it. Little did I realised that he was quite serious about this suggestion. So, yestarday, he brought up the suggestion again. To run with Dad....

I felt that training him is part of my responsibility. He is young, and training him young will be good... but 5 years old? Hmmm... a bit too young.... even to my standard. Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead. To "train" him in cross-country running - for a mere starting distance of 1 km.

He suprised me.

He did not stop for more than 3 seconds during the 1 km of undulating terrain. It was quite an enjoyable run, though at the end of the run he was quite exhausted (just enough energy left to do his usual climbing of obstacles in the McRitchie playground).

It is great to run with my boy. I did not really start to train in cross-country running until I was about 10 years old... so, he is doing it half of my age. I did not want to discourage him by running way ahead, but to do it beside him... cheering him on.... knowing that once he "conquer" his first kilometer... there will be more to come.

I hope he will continue in less injury-prone sports (e.g. swimming). Running tend to wear off your joins easily especially for undulating terrain. I don't want him to suffer all the injuries before he reach his prime...

I am looking forward to another run with him. As for Yan and Gracia... they were waiting for us at the finishing point... he was so glad to see them!

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