Friday, August 04, 2006

A father's chronicle (shrinking the world)

I am on travelling now and without my family around.... actually, I prefer my family to be around for long hauls... it helps to keep my sanity in balance.

To prepare for this long trip, I have setup my web cam both at home and on my laptop here. So, I get to "see" my family everyday which is always a good thing. In fact, technology have really shrink the world. Back in those days, video conference was an expensive thing and used only in office. Now? Well, I am on Skype and I talk to my family everyday. It is not the best thing, though, I still wish I am with them physically. It is still... different.

The difference can be quite sharp to me... as I have commented to one of my team mates with me now. I was mentioning writing a "snail" mail to Theophilus and post it to him, and he asked why not write him an email. Hmmmm... because "snail" mail have a personal touch? It is handwritten. I like handwritten mails. It is different. It has a different touch to it... even though I tecki guy... I still like "snail" mails.

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