Monday, August 07, 2006

A Christian father's chronicle (Episode 1)

I have always wanted to write this "forked out", but when I was in my previous job it was not that easy since I was blogging on my company's blog site. Now that I have left them and not using my company's blog site, I can write more freely about my faith.

For those who are not interested to read on any religious or things pertaining to faith, well... just pass these by and go for the original chronicles, they will still exists.

OK, this is the first episode, the first page, the first blog on my faith and within the context of a father, so I will write on something that happens fairly recently - i.e. today.

It turns out that Theophilus is asking for more memory verses. He has memorized John 3:16 and wrote it down probably enough times. I've a short discussion with Yan and we decided to move him to Philippians 4:4. I think it is a great book to start of with. There are many verses tagged in there to change our mind - a great chance for transformation of our attitudes and our view of the world and events that occurs in our lives.

BTW, if you are looking for some good bible study material for your young ones, I highly recommend XTB (Explore The Bible) series. You can see them here. Theophilus have been using this series and he have enjoyed it very much. I have given out copies of it to my friends who have young kids (about 5 years old, i.e.) ... it is part of my contribution to the next generation of Christian.

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