Saturday, December 16, 2006

A father's chronicle (Shall we taste it again?)

Well, if the first taste of success was sweet. Perhaps, we should replay the whole thing again!

It is a good thing that Theophilus' Kumons center have a personalized ceremony for their pupils (at least those who get awards. i.e. bronze and above). So, we went for his prize giving ceremony - now to honour those in the particular center who are award winners. The previous ASHR ceremony was for Gold award winners alone... Ah, never mind... let's do it again.

There was the usual playing around....

Gracia is having fun... running around and putting her head into this picture-taking-board...

With a little help from brother, of course...

No help needed for brother.

Taking a shot with the chief instructor, Mr. Yang ... needless to say, there were many "ooo..." and "ahhh..." when he went up for his prize... there were only 2 Gold awards for Maths, and he is the youngest.

And the post-activity is similar to previous prize ceremony - he is caught polishing his medal (I am very proud of him. I must admit it, even though I am just his Dad and not the one going up to receive the prize.... It was like - Heh, that's my son!) Well, his first medal anyway...

And on his desk, there is an additional present. This is only given to Gold award students.... and how is the feeling like? Well, here's the expression....

And the additional present is.... a remote control car!

Someone in the crowd whispered:"Why we don't have the big present?". Mr Yang's reply is: "Is it really not easy to get Gold award...."

I know, I know. I have been watching him struggle to get it. Without hardwork, there is no reward. He have tried very hard. And it is not an easy thing to come by.

Theophilus told me this is one of the best day of his life.

He is looking forward to get the Gold award again, next year.... well.... I think that's a good idea.

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