Monday, January 15, 2007

A father's chronicle (Genre)

(Apologies for the long lapse in writing. Have been caught up with work and travelling these days...)

It is good to have Gracia. I get to observe how and why I did some things for Theophilus.

We went to the Community Library yestarday, and as usual, I went around the shelves looking for books for the both of them. I did not notice, until yestarday, how I actually went about choosing books for my kids - there seems to be a pattern of sorts.

Anyhow, I selected a book written about a beach experience for Gracia. It is only after I have done so, that I re-examine myself why I did that... I soon found out that it was mainly because we only have had a similiar experience just on the day before yestarday. So, it seems that my selection of books is influenced by their daily experiences in life.

I mentioned this to Yan and she agrees (on hindsight). There were many books that were selected for Theophilus when he was younger using animals as the main theme. And for yestarday's trip? I selected 2 books specially for this purpose. One book on Mozart (his favourite pianist-hero), and the other one is on C.S. Lewis (his favourite author for the series of Chronicles of Narnia).

I also wanted to change style of writing (genre) of what he is reading. Thus far, he have not covered biographies yet. Perhaps, it is a good time to start off with these type of writings? I still feel he is a bit young to cover drama, and other artistic works. It is good to leave them for now, so that he can enjoy things further down the road of discovery too.

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