Monday, July 09, 2007

A christian father's chronicle (Praying for school registration)

Yes, we are in the final weeks before we know where Theophilus will be going for his Primary school next year. He has been praying to go to Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary school for coming to 2 years now.

Primary school education in Singapore is kind of ridiculous. Parents do all sorts of things to "secure" a place of entrance to the school of choice. I have my part of it - meeting obnoxious school princial and getting the uncommitable liner: We do not guarantee the place for your son, but you have to fufill the 80 hours of voluntary work for the school - and don't miss the smirk look!

Parental love is really great. Parents go through great lengths. I have this battle within myself too. But at one point, I stood back and have to think what do I wish for his life, how do I want things to happen.... I must admit my faith does not always stand tall...

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