Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A christian father's chronicle (In the heart - Part 2)

Zoe encouraged me to share on my blog something I have spoken to her sometime back. It is another one of those conversation with Theophilus.

So, I was packing my bookshelf and stumbled upon an old X-ray flim. You know? Those black and white thing which doctors take to look into our beings? Ah... I thought it might be a good lesson material. I brought it to the dinning table where Theophilus was working on something....

Dad: Theophilus, see what I've got here?
Theophilus: (Huh?)
Dad: It's an X-ray of Daddy's chest. I took it when I went for my medical check-up sometime back.

(Dad is getting into his "bad habit of teaching" again.... sticks out his index finger...)

Dad: Now, this is the collar bone. Here are the ribs... that's the lungs, you have the stomach here... and here is the heart...
Theophilus: Where Jesus?
Dad: (Huh?)
Theophilus: I don't see Jesus in your heart! You told me he is there.
Dad: (Oops! Think faster....)
Dad: Hmmmm... good question. Let me see.... I think it has something to do with the X-ray machine. I believe they have a limitation or it is probably spoilt. But you are right.

(Dad takes the film away)

Dad: Theophilus?
Theophilus: Ya?
Dad: X-Ray machines are not that advance yet.

Perhaps, science is still trying to catch up? Anyway, it is not taking a snapshot of my spirit either, right?

Actually, all these little conversation reminds me of the purity of speech of a child. They are pure in heart. They take words as it is. A 'Yes' is a 'Yes'. A 'No' is a 'No'.... anything beyond comes from the evil one... of course, we learn about such thing as figurative speech, but well... that is some time later in life...

I still have much to learn from them.

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