Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A christian father's chronicle (The real thing)

Zoe just sent me some quotes from her "good & long time friend" - Royston. I read it. Fabulous. At risk of infringing on copyright, let me attribute all creation of this article to Royston and Kaitlyn. So no stealing here, OK?

But read this. I like reading this... it is like being "invisible" and hearing the bedside conversations of dad and child (I have many with Theophilus)....

Extracted from Royston's post

I have been putting Kaitlyn to bed lately, and we have the most interesting chats:

R: "Why are you afraid of the dark?"
K: "I don't like the dark"
R: "Which part of the dark are you afraid off?"
K: "The clowns will come and get me"


K: "Daddy can you lie here a bit longer?"
R desperate to get back to work...
R: "Whenever you are scared, you can pray "Dear Jesus""
K: "Dear Jesus" and she continued herself "make me brave and that your angels watch over me, Amen!"
R: "Amen! Good...close your eyes now..."
K: "Where is Jesus daddy? Is Jared gor gor with him in Heaven?"
R: "yes he is...and He is also in your heart right where you are now..."
K: "In my heart? So he must be quite bloody since I have blood in my heart..."

---dead silence---

It is so wonderful to be a father! Can learn so many things from them.

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