Friday, October 26, 2007

Celebrating normacy

I started to have some fun with Facebook, and there was an interesting IQ test. Obviously, I was too tempted. I often thought I have failed one of such test when I was in my primary school days. Well, I know many "experts" would argue that nobody can "fail" an IQ test, but to me ... I did! It is like any other test that I take. When you fail. You know it. I could not grasp anything in the list of pictures with mixed up patterns. I cannot understand or put logic to them... and in some ways, I left the test - defeated. I think I threw up my arms and hang down my head. Yes, I don't think I did well that day.

Anyhow, back to the IQ test. Yes, I was tempted to check out whether have I "improved" on this facet of my intellect (if I have much to measure, that is).

And yes! I passed. At least to some - I am normal (or above average). What is average? I don't know actually. I am already average. I am NORMAL!!!! Great. Isn't that great? It is good to know that I am average and normal. I don't need to be super intelligent actually. I am already happy with myself.

I am happy to have a team member who is at 120. He is considered "Very superior intelligence". And I tend to agree to that. He has always been on the Dean's list. .... well, I always joked that I have been too - just that I have been on the "Naughty list".

Anyhow, I am normal and I am like the rest of the 50% of this world. That is so nice.

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