Thursday, November 01, 2007

A father's chronicle (Looking forward to Saturday)

This Saturday is a special day. It is Theophilus' second round of getting his Gold award for Maths in Kumons. We are in favour of taking him out of Kumons for a semester in view of his new experience - going to Primary 1 next year. It is too much to bear on his little shoulders - adjustments + new challenging worksheets.

Even though I know his threshold for pressure have increased these couple of years, but I don't want him to loose his steam and joy of learning altogether. Learning is fun and should stay that way.

Ah, it was our fault. We forgotten all about his Chinese spelling test today. Only realized that after breakfast. He was so forgiving:

Son: Its OK. Its OK. Just give me a few minutes. .... (he then ran off to look for his pencil and book to practise his Chinese spelling test for today).

I must say that his memory is quite good and most of the time we don't bother about his spelling (especially his English weekly spelling test - yes, he gets full marks and we don't even know on which day is his test nor the words). But for Chinese... well... we need to keep an eye - just one eye, that is.

I hope he gets by today's spelling test. Won't fault him if he didn't do well.... I should have remember to revise with him. He was still holding to the list of words when I drove him to school.... but he looked very relaxed.

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