Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A father's chronicles (He is writing)

It has been a long journey in teaching Theophilus. Reading, writing, values, play.... one of the most rewarding experience is teaching him to read and write. We have so many story-making together. Kingdoms fighting against each other. Smoke, fire, clouds,... arrows, and shields.

It is an understatement to say that I am happy to read his writings. He is a little like me. We imagine things and have pretty graphical imagination. We can stare into thin air and watch a movie made up all with the sight, sound, smell and taste. And yes, we get very drained by this kind of "little adventure" too.

Tonight, he came home writing. He is found of reading, but he is beginning to write lately. I am infringing into his copyrights now. But I want to share with you this beautiful piece of art. I am writing it in verbatim, all grammar mistakes, spelling errors and such. Perhaps, in a few years later we can catch his progress:

The pale moon hung across the cloudless sky. Four black swan flew in the sky. A boat rowed away in the shimmering water. It was very strange, because no one rowed the boat. It seemed that there was magic from the four swan's wing's, or the wings propelled the boat to a vast black mountain. As soon as the boat was on land, the swan's transformed to women. They carried out of the old lady. She had a scarred melted face and a emty socket. She cracked dryly, go now my sisters, I have work to do. As soon as I get my hand on the Pendragon, the owner of the sword will pay for this!

I must admit that some parts really caught my attention and I could sense his imagination very strongly as I read it. I am glad that he is writing. He is always very shy of his writings, but tonight he shared with us what he has written. I am so glad to take a peek at his work. He is growing. I am glad he is growing.

Well done, my boy. Great job!

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