Saturday, May 24, 2008

A father's chronicle (Our last trip to the Zoo, before membership expiry)

Like all typical Singaporeans (or is it?), we maximized our last bit of our Zoo's membership this weekend. Honestly, I still find our Zoological Gardens as really world-class. This is not just about "national pride", but I have visited a few other zoos. The Singapore Zoo is really a nice place to visit.

Here are some shots taken.

Gracia in a supermart with us just prior to going to the Zoo... we need to load up some food to fill our tummy just in case, right? It is another "Singaporean" characteristics - must have food.

We have a "special treat" today. Went really near to the Giraffes.

So, who is this "tall dark and handsome" fellow?

A victory sign from Gracia...

Some evidence that the younger always follow the elder....

Well, we might not renew our membership since I am able to get "free" tickets from my company for the entire family. Nice perks, huh?

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