Monday, September 29, 2008

A father's chronicles (Gracia's birthday celebrations)

She is three. Three wonderful years. Three years which is filled with laughter, worries, hopes and smiles. She is so different from Theophilus.

As usual, birthdays is not celebrated in a single day. There are quite a few days of celebration (not to mention the company).

The similarity between Gracia and Theophilus is their view towards birthday: It is not the gifts. It is the singing of birthday song, the happy moods that really brighten them up. They could very well be happy with any birthday gifts. They are just happy to have everybody around to clap along and sing them the birthday song.

You should be able to see her smile quite visibly. She is delighted - yes, we are singing her the birthday song at grand-ma's place.

Aunty Eunice gave her a big gift.

She celebrated in school with her classmates too.

And how can the brother stay away from his only sister's celebration?

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