Saturday, October 18, 2008

A father's chronicles (Zoo again)

We renewed our Zoo membership (again)!

I guess this is one membership that young parents are usually armed with. My company do have weekend tickets to the Zoo, but to queue for the opportunity to get the ticket will take far too long. So, a renewal is inevitable. Anyhow, it can be quite fun. Theophilus has been to the Zoo for so many times that he recognized most of the corners by now. Well.... almost every. The good part of the Singapore Zoological Gardens is that they do upgrade it ever so often. That to me is really good value.

Here are some pictures taken in our recent trip.

What do you think the giraffe is doing? He got really nice eye-lashes...

Taking shots of feeding that tall fellow can be really tricky, you got to do it really quick.

Sometimes, it licks your hand too...

The new play site is up. The kids took a little ride.

Overall enjoyment points: 85.

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