Sunday, November 29, 2009

A father's chronicle (ASHR 2009)

By now, not only does Theophilus gets enrolled into Kumons. Gracia is also enrolled into Kumons for Maths.

Today marks a new chapter for both of them again. Gracia's first bronze medal for Maths and Theophilus' first silver for Chinese.

Gracia was the first one to collect her medal.

She is too excited, and could not sit still.

Kudos to Mr. Yang (Chief Instructor). He spoke little, but what he spoke about makes good sense to me. We gathered to show to our kids that their achievement meant something big to us. Something important. Something worth celebrating about. By the way, very seldom do we see him in tie. He really dressed up for the kids. That is such a nice gesture.

Ah, that's my girl!

The signature smile and "V"

And now Theophilus' turn....

Well, done my boy! Well done.


Taking some shots just outside of the auditorium.

Brother and sister celebrating today


Gracia would not take her medal off... she is dozing off soon...

As for Theophilus? Well, it is his first silver. He has gold before, so this is unique to him.

Overall, it was a wonderful time celebrating their success. Theophilus wants to go for the gold medal next year. It will be a lot of hard work. Lots of hard work.

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